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Human Nature

When people say "X is human nature" or "human nature makes people do X" they mean exactly the same thing as people who say "X is the way God made us."

Elliot Temple on December 29, 2003

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X is a variable defined as whatever we choose it to be. It does not make "it" true. However X is X. Not the same X (but equivalent). Sometimes X is equal to Y. But if Y were the same as X it would be X.

Thus Human Nature is Human Nature. Some constellation of identifiable attributes less specific and more general than X. Let Human NatureX be equal to Human NatureY. Still they are equal, or not. Truth. No more useful information to be gained from that statement. We would have to test the attributes rather than the rhetoric to know whether it is true, or close to true, concurrent or valid or imprecise descriptively or not. That's about it.

The point may be in the way we speak. Language is a very funny construct overspoken or chiseled away to make a point. G o d is D o g. Or G o d is equal to D o g. Spelled backwards that is. That's about it. If one of the ten commandments were Thou Shalt Not take the word of D o g in vain. Some people would hold that up and say, "Look!". Thou Shalt Not! That would not make them right in the full sense of the meaning unless they pointed to the stone tablet and provided qualifiers. Dyslexically and Technically they might be right, appropriately qualified. But it would not make the word Truth. Except in a very limited way of speaking. Unless in some limited sense God is Dog. Or rather Dog is a manifestation of God in a rather limited sense. Or not.

Enough Algebra for today. However, this may be not algebraic but logic in sentence structure or rhetoric. Or cirotehr, mirrored in the inexactness of language. Maybe both.

Unknown at 9:18 AM on December 29, 2003 | #746 | reply | quote

am not making a logical point; just a claim about how some people think.

Elliot at 4:35 PM on December 29, 2003 | #747 | reply | quote

Very good. Understood. Same claim it appears.

Also how some people employ language revealing thought process. Statement about thought illogic.

Unknown at 7:15 PM on December 29, 2003 | #748 | reply | quote

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