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Saving The Relationship

Save Your Relationship
Even If Your Partner Is Unwilling. Learn How In 20 Minutes Guaranteed
That is one of the google ads from my sidebar. Ad copy is interesting because it has to be very short, so they really get to the point. If you want to save your relationship click here. If you don't want to, don't worry, we understand your common problem. You might think it will take too long, but we'll save it in 20 minutes. And you might have a partner who doesn't want to save the relationship, but we can help you save it anyway.

Those are the two major objections they want to overcome. People don't want to spend hours saving the relationship, and their partner doesn't want to save it at all.

Isn't that sad? People say how important relationships are. That's easy to say, but how do people actually behave? Services that help couples overcome their problems, and save the very important relationship, face the objections, "my partner doesn't want to solve our problems" and "sounds nice, but I've got some TV reruns to watch, can we make it really fast?"

Elliot Temple on December 29, 2007


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