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Apple: Best Company Ever

Apple's WWDC Keynote

So many things so very right.

OS X Mavericks, iOS 7, iTunes Radio, Mac Pro, new Airs, web iWork, iCloud passwords, and more.

Apple thinks that "products", "buy" and "ad" are positive words, not dirty words. And Apple makes products and ads that live up to this wonderful, capitalist attitude. Apple is not scared of commerce, does not shy away from the fact that they sell products and produce ads; Apple is proud, and rightly so.

Apple is also good at philosophy. Instead of bullshit and mistakes, there are some insights and overall a shocking absence of mistakes.

Apple is very good at explaining things clearly. They give explanations about complicated technologies instead of treating it as too hard for the audience. They also give explanations of how they think.

Apple's focus on providing value to human life is just right.
we start to confuse convenience with joy, abundance with choice
The criticism of confusing abundance with choice is wise.
Does it deserve to exist?
Strong words, worthy of Ayn Rand.

What else impressed you? Answer below in the comments.

(And why didn't the stock jump up 5% in response? What's wrong with investors? Not joking.)

Elliot Temple on June 10, 2013


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