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Elliot Temple on August 8, 2016

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I tweeted this first. I liked it enough to blog it. Then I added links. Now it's better than the tweet. Twitter wouldn't let me put in the links due to space. Plus on twitter you can't make a word be a link.

curi at 1:28 AM on August 8, 2016 | #6412 | reply | quote

Have you checked the anti-trump sites for crit?

Asking Pro-trump people or weak lefties might not help.

FF at 5:54 AM on August 8, 2016 | #6414 | reply | quote

yes, some. if you know of a good criticism, you can share it.

Anonymous at 2:01 PM on August 8, 2016 | #6417 | reply | quote

Want to discuss this? Join my forum.

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