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The Wall: Sharon's Long-planned Land Grab


By Christopher Bollyn
American Free Press

Methinks it's a good thing for him he's right about that 'free press' comment....

Here's the source. Linking sources is something Chris (the author) doesn't bother with, but I still think is important.

The Israeli "separation barrier" is the realization of Ariel Sharon-s long-planned settlement scheme to appropriate vast amounts of Palestinian land and water resources by isolating and impoverishing the Holy Land's Christian and Moslem population. It is a racist wall, according to its critics, designed to cause the expulsion of the native population by denying Palestinians access to their land and water.

It's amusing how Chris disavows some of his claims by blaming them on other people. For example, "It is a racist wall, according to its critics". If you're willing to just repeat what some Hamas spokesman dreamed last night, you can write an article saying virtually anything against Israel, without having to make a claim yourself. This way if anyone disagrees, you can refer them to Hamas to argue with :-)

Also of note is how the j000s aren't just racist against Palestinians. Oh no, now they're stealing land from Christians too. I guess this is because the US has a lot of Christians that Chris would like to convert to his cause.

And if you're thinking, "sheesh, Elliot, you didn't even refute his claims, this is just ad hominem BS." I'd just like to point out Chris didn't bother source any of them. They really are just made up, far as I can tell.

I'd also like to refer you to Honest Reporting's take on the fence.

Bethlehem and its Christian holy site has become an open-air prison, like the Gaza Strip, surrounded by an Israeli-built electrified wall v an "atrocity" paid for and supported by the U.S. government.

Does Chris really think he can turn US Christians against Israel this easily? Even in the midst of his own rhetoric he shies away from saying strong words like 'atrocity' himself and has to quote them. What a whiny bitch.

Depicted by the pro-Zionist mass media as a "self-defense" measure required to foil Palestinian terror attacks, the wall is actually the beginning of the final phase of the long-planned appropriation of Palestinian land and water resources begun decades ago by the current Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon.

Riiiiight. The mass media is full of Jews, except lonely Chris fighting the good fight. He might even have had a point...if it wasn't for the fact that every other media outlet says the same damn thing. That's right, media outlets are all lone beacons of sanity surrounded by j0000s. You'd think we didn't even have the telegraph yet or something, the way they communicate.

The real objective of the wall is the de facto annexation of Palestinian land to Israel and the forced expulsion of the native population from their homes and land

You'll never guess how Chris found that out.

according to Stop the Wall, a Palestinian "anti-apartheid" organization.

Yup, that's right, a Hamas spokesman told him.

Nearly all of the illegal Israeli settlements built in the occupied territory will be included in the annexed areas of the West Bank. 98 percent of the settler population will be on the Israeli side of the wall, according to Stop the Wall. Actions, such as Jewish settlements, which affect the demography of an occupied territory are clear violations of international law.

I had to scroll a long ways to find this. Chris spent many paragraphs going on about unsourced "facts" that he says the Palestinian something-or-other organisation told him.

Anyway, I'll answer with a Bush quote (which I will actually source, too!):

Mr Schroeder says international law must apply to the awarding of the lucrative contracts.

"This is the task for all people, for all of us, and because it is for everyone we don't need to discuss exactly who individually is participating in the economical side of reconstruction here, international law must apply and must help the cause," he said.

But President Bush has brushed that aside.

"International law? I better call my lawyer. He didn't bring that up to me," he said.

(emphasis mine)

Anyway, that's enough of Chris. I'm gonna do something else now.

Elliot Temple on December 19, 2003

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Never fear Elliot. As an evangelical Christian I can assure you that most of us know who is responsible for the state of things in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. We know it was the Palestinians who broke into and hid in the Church of the Nativity, stealing all of the altar plate and defiling the altar with their excrement. We know who is systematically destroying all signs of Jewish and Christian holy sites in areas under their occupation. We know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Like it says in the bible, Those who bless Israel shall be blessed and those who curse Israel shall be cursed.

Dennis P. at 9:52 AM on December 23, 2003 | #271 | reply | quote


Elliot at 12:42 PM on December 23, 2003 | #272 | reply | quote

The comments by Elliot and Dennis P. reveal the logic of racism inherent in Zionism.

For Elliot and Dennis P. to defend the building of this hideous wall shows how far removed they are from American values.

If you both think the wall is so cool and that the Palestinians are defacing their own churches, why don't you move there and help build the wall.

Join the Israeli army, if you don't already belong, and go to the territories and slay the Amalakites, or whatever you call the Palestinian Christians and Moslems, whose land you have stolen.

When the shoe is on the other foot and you are getting kicked, don't ask Americans to feel sorry for you. You deserve what you get with racist and fascist attitudes like these.


Christopher Bollyn at 11:08 AM on May 30, 2004 | #273 | reply | quote

having fun cursing us while giving no arguments?

Elliot at 12:53 PM on May 30, 2004 | #274 | reply | quote

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