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Christian and proud of it

if the US isn't a unified, *Christian* country, why haven't the multi-cultis shut up yet?


in other words:

That the multi-cultis have something to whine about proves the US is a unified, *Christian* country. If it was more diverse in that regard they'd shut up (because they'd have won).

Elliot Temple on February 14, 2004

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Can you say it again with fewer negatives? I can't work out what you mean (*blush*)

emma at 2:51 AM on February 14, 2004 | #430 | reply | quote

no, don't blush.

instead, stare down the masses of other people with the same question who didn't ask. watch them blush, and feel good!

Elliot at 4:01 AM on February 14, 2004 | #431 | reply | quote

Could you answer Emma's question now, as I didn't understand what you were asking either

Camille at 2:22 PM on February 14, 2004 | #432 | reply | quote

erm, that's what the update was.

Elliot at 6:16 PM on February 14, 2004 | #433 | reply | quote

The assumption seems to be that the type of people who are likely to be multi-culti whiners, would be likely to stop or tone down whining if conditions became such that, objectively speaking, they had little or nothing to whine about. In other words, it assumes that m.-c. w.'s tend to think/act rationally.

I don't think this assumption is correct.

It actually kinda seems like the m.-c. w.'s whine *more* when there is less at stake.

Blixa at 10:31 AM on February 15, 2004 | #434 | reply | quote

i think if they won on one point (say the US was 50% atheist, 25% muslim, 10% christian, 0% jew, 15% other) they would focus more on other points. like if there weren't many christians they'd whine about that less and spend more time getting non-organic food banned or getting equal rights for dogs. they aren't incompetent in all regards, and while evaluating if they won a battle isn't their strong suit, I think they'd notice if they won really badly.

Elliot at 11:41 PM on February 15, 2004 | #435 | reply | quote

Actually, this is false.

the Multi-Cultis continue to find more and more subcultures as they fragment society. The multi-cultis goal is not to have everyone be unified--it is to have them all be separated. Why? Because their goal actually, is to make everyone 'Equal'. Not just equal in opportunity, but in outcome. But humans are not equal. no two lots in life are the same. You and I are different. So, the only way to make "equality" happen is to keep fragmenting into more and more fragments, so that no differences can ever be seen in any subculture.

But of course, by the above logic, this still doesn't work--because people are different. So the more times that the country is fragmented, the more ways it which the differences between you and I are disclosed.

So the more "diverse"--i.e. segregated-- it gets, the more they have to complain about, because the more the differences glare back at them.

The only thing that can stop their never-ending march toward annihilation and death-worship is actual unity of a people into one culture, where the culture recognizes that all people are different in their outcome, and even different in their opportunity, but that those differences do not constitute a change in the culture.

foo at 3:38 AM on February 16, 2004 | #436 | reply | quote

they want everyone to be the same in some ways (money; social standing). but they want everyone to be different in other ways (beliefs; religion). with an exception for agreeing with them on everything they have a view about, of course :-)

so, they don't like to see the vast majority of the country be Christian, and complain about that. so my logic does follow.

Elliot at 4:33 AM on February 16, 2004 | #437 | reply | quote

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