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if u haven't been reading IMAO u suck

the anti-american bloody nut who hatemails frank J hates Christianity and says religion = mad. he likes harvard which he recognises as a bastion of leftism. see! he knows his enemies and his friends. and thus reveals them to any of his enemies who care to listen. Christianity makes people better.

Elliot Temple on March 5, 2004

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Christianity = effective way to spread some important moral truths + a few falsehoods

Another way is movies and TV shows e.g. "Friends"

Circumstantial evidence:

1.worldwide popularity of US films

2.French often criticise US films like Disney

3.Open Univ here in England made a docu once about how shows like "Dallas" unrealistically raise the material aspirations of 3rd worlders

Tom Robinson at 7:14 AM on March 6, 2004 | #496 | reply | quote

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